Bromo Sewu Waterfalls Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights


Bromo Sewu Waterfalls Tour Package 3 Days 2 Nights is a popular tourist attraction in East Java, Indonesia. It offers visitors a chance to explore and experience the natural beauty of the region. Here is some information

about the Bromo Sewu Waterfall tour: Location: Bromo Sewu Waterfall is located in Lumajang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. It is situated on the

slopes of Mount Semeru, the highest volcano in lava.

Highlights of the Brome Tumpak Sewu Waterfalls Tour :

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park: The tour usually starts with a visit to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. This park is famous for its stunning landscapes, including the active volcano Mount Bromo and the vast Tengger Caldera.

Jeep Ride: To reach the waterfall, you will typically take a thrilling jeep ride through the rugged terrain of the national park. The jeep ride adds an adventurous element to the tour.

Trekking: Once you reach the base of the waterfall, you will embark on a trekking adventure to get closer to the Bromo Sewu Waterfall. The trekking trail may vary in difficulty, so it's essential to be prepared with appropriate footwear and clothing.

Bromo Sewu Waterfall: The Bromo Sewu Waterfall is the main highlight of the tour. It is a multi-tiered waterfall surrounded by lush greenery. The cascading water and serene ambiance make it a picturesque spot for photography and relaxation.

Swimming and Nature Exploration. At the waterfall, you can enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural pool formed by the falling water. Additionally, you can explore the surrounding area, take a nature walk, or simply relax and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.

Tour Duration: The duration of the Bromo Sewu Waterfall tour can vary depending on the itinerary and the time spent at each location. Generally, it is recommended to allocate a full day for the tour to make the most of the experience.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the Bromo Sewu Waterfall is during the dry season, which typically lasts from May to September. During this period, the weather is more predictable, and you are less likely to encounter heavy rainfall that may affect the trekking conditions

Itinerary for a 3D2N tour package from Surabaya to Bromno and Tumpak Sewu Waterfall

Day 1: Surabaya Airport - Hotel Bromo area

Arrive at the village of Cemoro Lawang, located on the edge of the Tengger Caldera, and check into your hotel.

Free time to relax and explore the surrounding area.

Day 2: Bromo Sunrise Tour - Bromo Sunrise - Sewu Waterfalls

Early morning wake-up call (around 3:00-3:30 am) to start the Bromo Sunrise Tour.

Take a 4x4 jeep ride to Penanjakan viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular sunrise over Mount Bromo and the surrounding landscapes..

Continue the jeep ride to the base of Mount Bromo and then hike to the summit. Alternatively, you can choose to ride a horse (additional cost).

Explore the crater of Mount Bromo and enjoy the panoramic views.

Return to the hotel for breakfast.

Check out from the hotel and drive to Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, located in Lumajang Regency. The journey takes approximately 4-5 hours.

Arrive at Tumpak Sewu Waterfall and check into your accommodation.

Free time to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Day 3: Sewu Waterfalls-Surabaya Airport

After breakfast, start the Tumpak Sewu Waterfall Tour

Descend to the waterfall through a steep and challenging trail. It is recommended to wear suitable footwear

Explore and marvel at the stunning Tumpak Sewu Waterfall, also known as the "Thousand Waterfalls."

Enjoy some time swimming and taking pictures.

Return to the accommodation for check-out.

Depart for Surabaya.

Drop-off at your hotel in Surabaya or Surabaya International Airport.


• Transportation: Private car or minivan with a driver throughout the tour.

• Accommodation: 2 nights of hotel accommodation in the Bromo and Malang areas (accommodation level can be tailored to your preferences and budget).

Meals: Daily breakfast at the hotel.

Entrance Fees: All entrance fees to attractions mentioned in the itinerary.

Jeep Rental: Jeep rental for the Bromo sunrise tour

English-Speaking Guide: A professional Engish-speaking guide who will accompany you during the tour.


Flights: The package does not include airfare to and from Surabay

Meals: Lunch and dinner expenses are not included, allowing you the flexibility to choose your own meals.

Personal Expenses: Any personal expenses, such as souvenirs, additional snacks, and beverages, are not included.

Travel Insurance: It is recommended to have your own travel insurance to cover any unforeseen circumstances.

Please note that this is lost an example itinerary, and tour packages can be customized according to your preferences, budget, and availability. Prices for such packages can vary depending on the chosen accommodation, season, and additional inclusions/exclusions. It's always best to contact travel agencies or tour operators specializing in East Java tours to get accurate and up-to-date information. We also provide other combination tour packages, for information please contact us


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